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Beaphar Puppy Trainer® (Pheromone Based Component)

Puppy Trainer serves as a tool for training young dogs to make the need at the place you want. With Puppy Trainer to learn unpleasant habits. Drop Puppy Trainer at the place where the dog may need to, for example, on a Beaphar Puppy Pad. Let the pup snuggle. In this way, he learns about the place where he can do his need.

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Puppy Trainer

Puppy Trainer is especially formulated to help house train your puppy to do his business in a place selected by you. With Puppy Trainer unpleasant habits can be unlearned. The number of training days varies per dog. Puppy Trainer contains no attractant.


Indoors: Put 5-10 drops on a pad and let the puppy sniff the spot. The dog will soon realize that this is the approved place. Repeat the procedure frequently, especially upon awakening, before retiring and after meals. Praise the animal when he has understood the intention.

Outdoors: Put several drops on the ground at the designated spot, accompany the dog to this place and let him sniff. Repeat the process several times a day. Praise the animal when he has understood the intention.

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