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Opthocare® (Cyclosporine)

Himalaya Ophthacare eye drops contain a mixture of Honey and Persian Rose. Honey acts as an effective anti-inflammatory agent which has a soothing effect on the eyes. Persian Rose has unique cooling properties and helps in treating eye strain as well as computer vision syndrome.

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0.1% 5ml × 1 bottle$ 79.95$ 79.95Add to cart
0.1% 5ml × 2 bottle$ 119.95$ 59.98$ 39.95Add to cart
0.1% 5ml × 3 bottle$ 129.95$ 43.32$ 109.90Add to cart
0.1% 5ml × 4 bottle$ 159.95$ 39.99$ 159.85Add to cart


What is this product

Controls the destruction of tear glands and normalizes homeostasis at the ocular surface. Improves natural production and maintains viscosity of tear. Reduces painful inflammation and preserves the ophthalmic degradations.

Dosage :

KCS 4 to 2 drop twice a day VKC 4 to 2 drop twice a day 3 can be useful in immune responsive otitesis media

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